Venus® is Freedom, Your Freedom

Venus gives women the freedom to urinate while standing up in any environment, from the indoors to the outdoors

Because now you can...


Is Venus reusable?
If need may be yes. Venus may be used more then once due to its inside and outside protective coating. But our customers and our company feel that it is unhygienic to have Venus intended to be used as a reusable product.

For maximum convenience and cleanliness Venus was designed with the intentions to be discarded after its initial use. Just dispose of it responsibly and go on your way.

Is Venus recyclable?
Yes, Venus is 100% recyclable.

Is urine sterile?
Urine directly from the bladder is normally sterile,however as it passes through the bladder to the outside urine becomes contaminated by bacteria normally present in the lower urethra and external genitalia. These contaminents can cause kidney infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and many others which can be found in our Health info section.

One size fits all?
Yes. Venus is made for all shapes, sizes and ages. As long as you follow directions, Venus will work for you. With Venus, nowhere is off limits.

Do I have to pull my pants all the way down to use Venus?
Absolutely not! Venus is made for total convenience and ease of use. You simply unzip your pants and pull them down just enough to expose the genital area. The same concept goes for any type of clothing that you may be wearing at the time, for example dresses, skirts, shorts, swimsuit and the list goes on.

Can Venus prevent Urinary Tract infections (UTIs)?
Venus may be able to prevent UTI’s due to the fact that some UTI’s are caused by dirty toilet bowls—when you sit on a public toilet, you are exposing yourself to the bacteria of every single person who had sat down on there before you. Even if they had placed paper on the seat, urine and other elements are able to splash back up onto the cover. Also as you urinate, sprays of water in the toilet splash back up and onto you., and that water still has many bacteria from the bowl itself.

Is Venus a collector or absorbent material?

No. Venus is not a collector or absorbent material. Venus is made for urine to flow freely out of it without any constrictions.