Venus® is Freedom, Your Freedom

Venus gives women the freedom to urinate while standing up in any environment, from the indoors to the outdoors

Because now you can...

Public restrooms are infamous for being fertile breeding grounds for all manner of bacteria and disease. Even in the most clean looking facilties lurk all manner of organisms, and this situation is magnified exponentially when one resorts to using porta-potties and filthy public toilets!

Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, E. coli, Shigella bacteria, Hepatitis A virus, various sexually transmitted organisms, the common cold are all present in public toilets! Even toilets that are well maintained have a soup of bacteria and viruses swimming around in the bowl and on the seat. When your urine hits the water and creates a splash, and that splash comes into contact with your body you are then exposed.

Urine directly from the bladder is normally sterile, however as it passes through the bladder to the outside it becomes contaminated by bacteria normally present in the lower urethra and external genitalia. These contaminents can cause kidney infections, UTIs, and STDs Please be weary of these hygienic risks for yourself and your children.

The great news is that you now have an alternative to exposing yourself and your loved ones to these hazards.

Venus. Because now you can…