Venus® is Freedom, Your Freedom

Venus gives women the freedom to urinate while standing up in any environment, from the indoors to the outdoors

Because now you can...

How to use
Venus is easy to use. While ( STANDING NOT SITTING ) you simply pop open Venus using only two fingers, you then place the wider end firmly against your body and the smaller end facing towards the desired area in which you choose to urinate. Remember Venus does not collect the urine. It is a funnel that allows urine to flow out of it into anywhere the user desires. Once positioned urinate as per normal and aim the flow as required. You can check out the three pictures to your left, or watch the How To Use Video below. It will demonstrate exactly how to use Venus. Easy!

Venus. Because now you can…

Each Pack Contains 10 Units!

Venus is extremely compact and discreet. When closed Venus is able to fit flat in your pocket and pretty much anywhere else. It is even flat enough to fit in between the pages of a book and not be noticed. With Venus bulkiness is never an issue.

Venus is a premium quality product designed for your comfort and safety. Every consideration has been taken during the design and construction of Venus to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Venus is constructed of top-grade reinforced industrial composite paper and is coated inside and out with a leak proof barrier. This ensures a secure and waterproof construction.

Venus is equipped with two folding flaps at the rear of the product which adjust the size of the opening if needed, and form a tight, flush seal against the body.

Venus is triangular in shape to hug the female form very efficiently in this particular area.

Venus has a formulated angle that directs urine effortlessly and accurately into any structure or desired area.

Venus has a wide tip that allows the flow of urine to pass through in a non-restricting stream preventing any build up or spillage.

Venus is recyclable so Once you’re done just throw it away in the nearest receptacle. No muss, no fuss!.