Venus® is Freedom, Your Freedom

Venus gives women the freedom to urinate while standing up in any environment, from the indoors to the outdoors

Because now you can...

At Venus our vision is to give women a sense of freedom they have never felt before. As women, we undergo enough daily stress – why make going to the restroom an added one? In many cases it is difficult and frustrating, not to mention unhygienic, to use public facilities.

Our mission is to remove at least one of those daily stresses, to give women a choice that they never had before, to give them the freedom that has been enjoyed by men since the dawn of time.

The first time you use Venus, it may feel a bit weird and you may have a giggle. The feeling of standing up and urinating may even take you by surprise, but after one or two times it will become second nature. You will wonder how you ever managed without it. You will feel such a sense of freedom.

With Venus, nowhere is off limits

Venus can be used virtually anywhere, from the indoors to the outdoors.

This list will give you an idea where Venus can be used: movie theaters, porta-potties, schools, gyms, doctor’s offices, road trips, camp sites, beaches, airplanes, buses, trains, clubs, restaurants, friend’s houses, malls, amusement parks, hotels, colleges, gas stations, rest stops, festivals, sightseeing tours, hikes, safaris.

The list is endless!

It can be also useful for people with medical problems who have limited mobility that prevents them from bending. Venus will become your next best friend. You will ask yourself how you lived without Venus for so long. Venus. Because now you can…

10 Units in each pack!